005. The Art of Moving On

Occasionally, the opportunity seems to present itself to allow for me to see some people I once knew or at least I thought I knew. Its true what they say about retrospect being 20/20 and all and it’s a curious thing to be afforded a rear-view mirror into your former self, but if only I knew then what I know now about intentions and how destructive people can be to each other, I may have carried myself much differently.

Thanks to Facebook and now Google+, I can now see what God was gracious to deflect me from. Now, I’m not saying that I haven’t made mistakes (everybody does), but I am so thankful to have wonderful friends, a wonderful family, and Kimberly to encourage me. I see old friends who seem to have dissolving personalities and its no wonder seeing the company that they are choosing to keep. I, at one point, associated with poisonous company that tore me down constantly, and as I learned a little bit late, you eventually have to grow out of that and get friends that are awesome who are out to be better people and in turn make you a better person. Selecting these friends can prove to be downright difficult at times, but you’ll see that the longer you’ve associated with positive people, you will also be positive. It’s something you really wouldn’t see unless you had the comparison that I had and so many have.

I had no drive, minimal passions, and didn’t think I was good at anything even though there is clear evidence of otherwise. I’m not amazing at anything, but I get closer than I used to because of my support system. I could proceed to list off all the awesome things happening in my life, but that’s a reward for my close friends who will intrinsically know about them since they have helped put me here. Its just as much a victory to them as it is to me.

Life is funny that way, allowing you to see your alternate universe as played by another cast. Knowing that it could’ve been you and realizing its not you…that’s the art of moving on.


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