001. The Art of Love

Stop, stop, stop…I know what you’re thinking: “he’s way too young and new at this to be writing about ‘the art of love’”. It may be true, but I’ll write it anyway to give future me a great look at young me.

I’ve had the misfortune of “loving” a lot in my young years. In high school, I loved hard and I lost hard. From then, and after high school, I gleaned a little bit of knowledge from each relationship and adjusted (what I thought) accordingly. I would pour my all into these women and would lose all every time one of them would leave or would give me a reason to not continue on. It was truly a dismal situation. As I was in the middle of this for the umpteenth time, something truly amazing happened: I found my muse.

Every artist needs a muse, a sort of inspirational person or object to commit them to their art. I can say that I might have had the tools and ability, but I lacked my muse. The art was never truly art in its most pure form, it was tainted into being a lie.

Now, what makes my Kimberly so special? She inspires me further than in the art of love, first off. She has “mused” me into life-changes and has made me into someone worthy of being loved. I spent all this time losing at love…and then I hit the jackpot suddenly wanting to do the same things but for the right reasons. Think of trying to force the wrong puzzle piece into a spot on a puzzle for hours and then suddenly finding the proper place for that piece…it just fits and its satisfying to know that all that time you spent thinking you had found that right spot no longer has to happen.

The art of love is realizing you’ve found your muse for all of your art.


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